Monday, May 26, 2008

No, those aren't what you think!

No, you are not looking at green boobs. And, not those are not upside down green nut cups either. Those are a tool that we have been using to make breakfast for weeks now. They are "poach pods."

After working on trying to perfect a free form poached egg, I gave up and purchased these two handy pods. You boil your water, float the pod, and break your egg in the pod. And wallaa, you have a perfectly poached egg every time. The best part is that for someone with limited storage space at their house, you don't have to purchase an egg poacher. You can utilize the tools that you already have. So, this morning, day three of the great weekend, A made me breakfast with these. Orange coffee, with poached egg and raisin toast! On the deck!

And yes, I am catching up on posts today. I will have more after we finish the cupcakes!