Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pictures of Chicago

So, last weekend, when the weather was amazing, we set out to see the sights of Chicago in the eyes of one that does not reside here. Here are some of the sights we took in.... Of course, there is much more to see than what two people can squeeze into a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, so please, stay tuned for more in the future....

Welcome to Chicago!!

We toured Millenium Park, walked along Michigan Avenue, took pictures in the reflection of the bean, and admired the boats in the river.

And, this picture is the view from our deck. On one gorgeous night when we were enjoying mojitos with Greta!

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YES! We are successful.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog!

This weekend we visited one of our favorite places in Chicago. I happened to have some of these in my purse.....

And I thought I might need them. Fortunately, for me, I didn't. Even after enjoying the following.....Yes, we went to Hot Doug's. It's been almost a year since we have been here. While it is delicious, it is not the most healthy option for a Saturday lunch and well, it doesn't have the most accomodating hours for our schedule. Alas, we enjoyed a rib-eye (the green chimmichurri draped sausage on the left, blue cheese apple almond chicken and the white encased meat is the Harvey Korman- sundried tomato ala vodka sauce with borato cheese) And if those three weren't enough we gorged ourselves on duck fat fries. The perfect lunch that didn't require the rolaids I always carry in my purse. When you come to Chicago, we'll go to Hot Doug's. You won't regret it, I promise.