Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Unfortunately, I couldn't be with my Mom or my Grandma's today but I still chose to celebrate. Despite the dreary weather in the Chicago area today, I was inspired to create something new and full of cheer! Here is the result....These are chocolate cupcakes filled with strawberry chocolate ganache, topped with a thin layer of ganache and frosted with vanilla buttercream. They are scrumptious and I can't wait to share them. My husband tried one and then proceeded to attempt to convince me that I needed to allow him to take more into work than he has co-workers. I think he secretly wants to eat them. He even suggested that we eat all of them tonight until we get sick because they are SOOOO tasty. In his defense, he did help me construct and bake them today. And of course, he cleaned up after me because according to him, I am the messiest baker ever. I disagree but that is a whole seperate post. I'll break down the steps of making them.
First, you mix your dry ingredients and your wet ingredients, that's right, no cake mix boxes here.

After mixing the batter and putting the cakes in the oven, lick your heart out...

And here is the tricky part, using the "cone" method, cut the tops off of the cakes, and fill with the strawberry ganache. Note for next time, more strawberries. And, the final product.
A tribute to my wonderful mother who taught me everything I know about how to cook and bake. She continuously inspires me to learn more in the kitchen so that someday, my children will appreciate my creativity and delicious meals as much as what I have always looked forward to and enjoyed the time I've spent with my Mom in the kitchen, both eating and learning. I cannot thank her enough.
Happy Mother's Day!