Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog!

This weekend we visited one of our favorite places in Chicago. I happened to have some of these in my purse.....

And I thought I might need them. Fortunately, for me, I didn't. Even after enjoying the following.....Yes, we went to Hot Doug's. It's been almost a year since we have been here. While it is delicious, it is not the most healthy option for a Saturday lunch and well, it doesn't have the most accomodating hours for our schedule. Alas, we enjoyed a rib-eye (the green chimmichurri draped sausage on the left, blue cheese apple almond chicken and the white encased meat is the Harvey Korman- sundried tomato ala vodka sauce with borato cheese) And if those three weren't enough we gorged ourselves on duck fat fries. The perfect lunch that didn't require the rolaids I always carry in my purse. When you come to Chicago, we'll go to Hot Doug's. You won't regret it, I promise.